GC Ellington's Pin and Coins

My pin and coin have both a Templar Reference, Masonic Youth References and Family References.

The Design of the Pin comes from the 1895 Indiana Triennial Pin that was held in Boston, but with a few changes. It was designed by myself and Sir Knight and Companion, Greg Raque, MEGHP of Kentucky who also helped design the coins, thank you MEGHP Roque for the help you gave me in designing these coins and my pin.

In the quadrants of both the coin and pin you will find the logos of the Cross and Crown representing Knights Templar and the Logos DeMolay, Job’s Daughter and Rainbow Girls all of which make up the Masonic Youth Groups representing my families Fraternal Ties to the Masonic Youth Groups.

Both my brother Roger and I were in DeMolay, my sister Carla was in Job’s Daughters, and my cousin Binki was in Rainbow Girls and I am a Knights Templar.

Ever since I have been involved with the Grand Commandery, I have been on the Masonic Youth Committee, and I wanted to pay homage to the Masonic Youth Groups that represents my family and also the life blood of Fraternity.

 * * *

My Coin has the same logos in the quadrants as the pin with a design that you have all seen. It is in the design of the emblem that has all 4 York Rite logos on it and they were replaced with the Cross and Crown and the Masonic Youth Logos.

The sides of Holy Land Pilgrimage Coin were designed from a Cachet from DeMolay Commandery #12 from Louisville, KY and the Malta Cross wrapped in a crown of thorns that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ wore while on the cross. All proceeds from the sale of this coin will be donated to the Holy Land Pilgrimage Fund.

 Thank you to Sir Knight and Dad Tom Fallis, Executive Officer of Indiana DeMolay for the approval to use the DeMolay logo, thank you to Lady Lynn Shoulders, Supreme Inspector in Indiana for the approval to use the Rainbow Girls Logo and to Job’s Daughters International even know they would not allow me to use their logo, I made my own and we will still be making a donation to your organization.
All proceeds of the sale of the Grand Commanders coins will benefit the Masonic Youth Groups as a way of giving back and supporting the Masonic Youth as once these groups gave their time and dedication to me and my family.

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